Performance Based Training to Become Your Very Best

Intelligent training for your body, your performance, and your health.

GW Performance is South Yarra’s premier training facility, designed to meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts and elite athletes alike. The GW Performance difference is in the upscale, performance driven facilities, the experience, and vast knowledge of the dedicated coaches.

In believing in programs that train everyday people in the ways of sports performance to create fit, healthy bodies, we also recognise that anyone who trains under our roof deserves the total athlete experience. That’s why we’ve created programs and services specific to the varied needs and goals of our members.

Our classes are tailored to incorporate volume and skill development at various and appropriate levels to specifically target our athletes’ personal goals. From our fitness classes to our specialty programs and services including private coaching, sports medicine, and contrast recovery baths, we are changing the way South Yarra does fitness as one of the best training facilities in the country.

Once you have experienced excellence, you will never be content with mediocrity.

New to GW Performance?

Our Facility

GW Performance’s facilities are tailor-made and unmatched. Our 720 square metres of space is equipped with only the highest quality training equipment and amenities you won’t see anywhere else. Spread over two stories, each level is specifically designed for our core programs and perfect for our small group classes and private training sessions. Our in-house sports medicine services are conducted in professional, private rooms, and our contrast recovery baths are the perfect setting to refresh your body for the next training session.

  • "The coaching team know what they are talking about and program intelligently to get us to where we want to be... Mitch took me from nursing a knee injury and not being able to do an air squat below parallel to back squatting my bodyweight for reps at full depth in 4 months. I see no end to what I can achieve at GW Performance."

    Neal D.

  • "I’ve found a program that constantly challenges me and I’ve seen improvements in every area that also help me in my daily life outside of the gym. I had tried crossfit at a different place before and didn’t enjoy it but my experience with GW has been so different and now I look forward to every session."

    Damelza S.

  • "A really amazing by-product of this is that there is a genuine sense of community within the gym. Training can be really hard sometimes but it's made much easier when you know everyone in the room wants you to succeed."

    Rob M.