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GW Performance – CrossFit


Clean & Jerk 1 (No Measure)


Trigger Lats, Hip Flexors & Glutes

Banded Couch x 45s ES

Banded Front Rack x 45s ES

Banded Straddle x 30s


1 Round

Thoracic Extension on GHD x 30s

Pigeon Stretch on Bench x 30 ES

Floor Pec Stretch x 30 ES

1 Round

Mini Band Standing Clams x 10 ES

Mini Band Forward & Back Off-Axis Steps x 10 ES Each

Pause Ring Row x 8 (3s)

Banded Good Morning x 10


ALL: Front Squat (Build to 3RM @ 22X1)

Compare to 12/10

If you haven’t participated in most of the recent squatting then do 5 x 3 / Across


ALL: Clean and Jerk (Every 30sec: 30 x 1)

Compare to 30/09 & 10/10