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GW Performance – CrossFit


OHS Prep (No Measure)


Hip flexion on wall

Pigeon / external rotation on bench

Ankle flexion / extension

1 Round / 30 sec each

Childs pose

Rocking Frog

BB + Roller Thoracic Extension

Alternating Reverse Lunge + OH Reach

1 Round / 10 reps each

SA Childs Pose + External Rotation & Reach

Crossover 90/90

SA Overhead Lunge ES

Wall Squat

Metcon (No Measure)

With a partner:

2 x 1-5 Ladder

Box Jumps


Overhead Squat (Build to 3RM @ 21X1)

No technical faults – if new to OHS then do not aim for max, aim for consistency

Deadlift (Build to 1RM @ 21X1)

If you haven’t Deadlifted multiple times over the past 4 weeks then do 5 x 5 at same tempo