Meet the CrossFit Coaches


At GW Performance, the coaching staff is selected and groomed with the highest expectations in not only coaching skill but also education, experience and depth of knowledge. Our claim to having the best trainers in the business is unmatched. Our group of professional trainers has the technical knowledge and the real-world application to provide a true athlete experience for every GW Performance member.
  • Mitch Craze

    Performance Coach

    “I have been involved in programming for athletes returning to sport from a number of injuries such as ACL reconstruction, shoulder reconstruction, muscle strains and severe tendinopathy. Having the athlete trust you with their rehabilitation is a big commitment and a challenge that I love.”

    Mitch’s athletic background is in basketball, cricket, Australian football, baseball, and volleyball, but his main focus was basketball where he played 2 seasons at the Big V Championship level and was a 3-time MVP. Mitch has matched his education to his athletic experience by completing his Masters of Exercise Science, after graduating with a B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science with honours.


    • Master of Exercise Science—Strength and Conditioning
    • Bachelor of Applied Science—Exercise and Sports Science
    • OPEX - Level 1: Assessment and Program Design
    • CrossFit Level 1
    • Certificate III and IV in Fitness
    • FMA Level 1 Certification—Mechanics of Lifting
    • M.A.T. Level 1
  • Dylan Jones

    Senior Coach

    “I am a big believer of approaching training from a holistic view, meaning all aspects of one’s lifestyle needs to be considered to maximise training to work towards a true, measurable goal.”

    For Dylan, being a coach is about more than just training clients; he loves building long-term relationships that become a mutual exchange of growth and self-improvement. Dylan has a varied athletic background, having played state-level men’s hockey with the Brunswick Hockey Club, state-level volleyball, and placing 6th at the 2016 Victorian Athletics Championships in Men’s Discus. He is constantly evolving as an athlete and coach—with smart training and lifestyle maintenance, he hopes to represent Victoria and Athletic Essendon at the 2017 National Championships, and continue to pursue his studies to gain as much knowledge and experience to provide the best possible services as a strength and conditioning coach.


    • Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science in progress
    • Diploma of Exercise Science
    • Exos International Mentorship Phase 1
    • Speed Dynamic & Movement Efficiency—Dan Pfaff
    • FMA Level 1 and 2
    • Functional Movement Screen Level 1 and 2
  • Adam Earnshaw

    Performance Coach

    Adam Earnshaw wants to help people make health a priority in their lives. “I love seeing people push past their perceived limits,” he says. “There is no better feeling than watching members develop physically and mentally.”

    In addition to several years playing rugby and coaching CrossFit, Adam has worked with swimming, football, soccer, cricket and many other sports at a high level. One of his proudest coaching moments is working with Olympic-level Paralympic swimmers in the Sunshine Coast. “This opened my eyes to what the human body is capable of and how much hard work and commitment it takes to succeed,” he says.


    • Bachelor of Applied Science – Human Movement
    • Masters of Exercise Science – Strength & Conditioning
    • CrossFit Level 1 Certification
    • ASCA Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coach
    • FMS - Functional Movement Screen
    • OPEX Level 1: Assessment and Program Design
  • Jen Hughes


    Jen Hughes is passionate about teaching girls to be proud of their achievements and their strength. As a girl who struggled with body issues most of her life, today she refuses to let her clients see their bodies as anything other than powerful machines capable of so many more things besides looking pretty. “I think there is nothing more motivating or beautiful than a strong woman who is not afraid to go after her dreams,” she says.

    Her favorite part of coaching is seeing her members’ confidence increase as they begin to do things they once thought were impossible. “There’s nothing better than seeing an athlete reap the rewards of hard work and knowing you had a part in that process,” she says.


    • CrossFit Level 1
    • Bachelor of Exercise Science/Clinical Practice
  • Michael Angeli

    Strength and Conditioning Coach

    Michael Angeli is passionate about helping athletes reach their full potential. After getting his degree, Michael was eager to get some real-world experience and put all that he leaned into practice, and GW CrossFit was the ideal location. “I have been fortunate enough to pass on what I have learnt and teach people around me in a great environment that allows everyone to reach their goals,” he says. His favorite quote is “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”


    • Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science)
    • Certificate III & IV in Fitness (ERA Australia)


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