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GW Performance - CrossFitWarm-upFYF OG (No Measure)PRE CLASS Trigger - Shoulders & Hips 2 x Banded Hip Stretches 2 x Banded Shoulder Stretches _________________________________ 1 Round x 30s Spiderman Lunge + Rotation (Alternate) Couch Stretch ES Frog Stretch Shoulder Dislocates 2 Rounds Wall Squats x 5 SL Hip Thrust x…


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GW Performance - CrossFitWarm-upGeneral Warm Up 1 (No Measure)2 Rounds of 30 sec each: Roll to Straddle Fire Hydrants Couch Quad 2 Rounds of 10 reps each: Front Rack Step Up Crossover 90/90 Crossover A-T-YPartner Dynamax Ball Fun (No Measure)With a partner, complete: SL Horizontal Pass x 10 ES SL…