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CrossFit Update – The New Cycle – Strength: Accumulation

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As we end our “season” with the CrossFit Open coming to a close, so we begin a new phase in training.


From March 28 we will transition into a new Strength cycle. Specifically we will first focus on Hypertrophy – yes, this is a different way of saying “gainz”!


Why do we do cycles and phases?


As always, CrossFit will be constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement. There is a difference between variety and random. With planning and direction we can efficiently improve on weaknesses. If the program is so varied to a point that it becomes random exercise, we will either adapt too slowly (inefficient) or simply stay stagnant (ineffective).


Strength & Hypertrophy


By using lower intensities (% of max) and a progressive accumulation of volume we will promote muscle growth and work capacity. This builds the base for the next cycle where we focus on maximal strength by enhancing the nervous system to use the new muscle to produce more force.


Does that mean all we are doing is bodybuilding?


HELL NO! We are using a structured strength cycle to efficiently achieve our primary goal (increase strength to support metabolic conditioning) and second to that we program a variety of smart conditioning pieces to ensure that your engine is constantly being developed.


Trust the process and enjoy the gains!


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