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Fast Kipping HSPU: Cycling

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In the previous article A Quick Guide To Better HSPU we discussed how to build strength in order to achieve the Strict variation plus correct mechanics so that you were moving better.

Once you are confident being upside down and you’ve spent time developing your HSPU-strength it is time to get more dynamic. For events like CrossFit Open 16.4/17.4 it is crucial that you are maximising your potential in HSPU in order to get a good score.

Common Faults

The first key to refining your technique is to remove the following errors:

Losing your tripod: refer to the last article. The tripod is the best and safest pressing position.

Resting at the bottom: You don’t hang from the rings when resting for Muscle Ups, so stop doing headstands to rest for HSPU. For all dynamic gymnastics movements in CrossFit the goal is to maintain tension (in this case, shoulders, core and butt tight) and have no “pause at the bottom” reps. Know when to rest, either rest off the wall or at the top of the HSPU and minimise head-to-floor contact time.

Efficiency Tips For Faster Kipping HSPU

Pull on your hips: Now that you know you shouldn’t rest or deload with your head on the ground it’s time to shorten up that kip. As you descend in the eccentric phase of the HSPU, pull on your hip flexors to get your legs into the right position for the kip. It is a very slight adjustment to the timing of what you may see the majority of athletes doing and even demonstrations of the movement.

Watch the video of CrossFit superstar Josh Bridges below. You can see that just before his head touches the ground, he begins to break at the hips and knees. Pull the legs into the right position a fraction earlier to minimise contact time with the ground and this will without doubt improve the cycle time for your HSPU

Inverted squat jump: Once you have the timing right in the above step, you can work on minimising the size of your kip. Again, notice that Bridges only brings his knees to parallel with his hips. If you’re kipping by bringing your knees all the way to your elbows then I suggest you work on building up more STRENGTH so that you do not need so much hip power in oder to finish the rep. Think of it like a squat jump: get those knees to 90 degrees then violently open the hips and press out to finish the rep.

Kipping HSPU by Josh Bridges

If you want to continue working on your gymnastics skills, speak to us about an  accessory program focused on improving your gymnastics for CrossFit, no matter what level you are currently at.

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