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Healthy diet VS Performance diet

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Dieting has always been a controversial subject. What type of diet should I follow? Carbs are bad? Should I eat them or not? Should I go keto? Which protein is the best? Can I eat dairy? 

Nowadays there are so many types of diets.. Keto, Paleo, low carb, Flexible, vegetarian, vegan, which one is the best ? Which one should I follow?


The answer for these questions is simple: there’s no right or wrong, all those diets have pros and cons. So, based on that, you should follow the best one for you, the one the suits you better and is sustainable for longer. But first things first.

I will use some technical terms just to explain the whole idea, but at the end everything will make sense.


Ok coach.. But I have a good diet, I eat my veggies once a day, I don’t eat carbs before going to bed, I have my shake after working out and I still don’t see great changes in my body. What am I doing wrong? 


The answer is: depends of your goals. 

Eating whole foods, fruits, veggies will always be healthy. But everything depends of the amount. 

For example, nuts are a great source of quality fat, and also very tasty. But they are also very caloric. So are avocados, who doesn’t love them. Just to make myself clear let’s talk about calories.

30g nuts = approximately 180 cals

85g avocado = approximately 180 cals

2 wine glasses = approximately 180 cals.

Damn Coach! I can easily eat a whole bag of nuts watching a movie with a bottle of that bad? Depends of how often you do it, depends of your goals, depends of the rest of your meals that day. Depends of how stressed your were on that day and that was all you needed. So it’s all relative. 


Which one will give you more satiety? So it all depends of what will fit your hunger best.


The first priority of your body is CALORIES. You need a minimum calorie intake just to maintain your body’s basic functions called BMR (Basal metabolic rate). Which means you need X amount of calories just to survive without moving at all. Within those functions are included circulation, breathing, cell production, protein synthesis, etc.


After we add our daily life activities, this will became TDEE (Total daily energy expenditure), which is our BMR + physical activity (any kind) + Thermic Effect of food (which means our body needs energy to break food down).


Second priority is  MACROS. Which means total amount of Macronutrients. Carbs, protein and Fat. Your body needs a proportional number of each, to maintain, build or to cut.


Third priority: TIMING. The time that you eat should be build around what works best for you. So you don’t need a big breakfast if you’re not that hungry in the morning. And yes you can have carbs at night if you need them the most at that time



This is related to the micronutrients which means vitamins and minerals.


Priority Five: Supplements.

This one relates to fat burners, creatine, BCAA, protein powder and the list goes on. Some will work some won’t.


I know it’s a lot of numbers and names, but believe me after you understand them It becomes simple. If you give to your body the fuel and the training needed it will change to wherever direction you push it into.


That’s why sometimes is complicated. Let’s say I’m on a bulking diet and I need 3500 cals a day. But It’s 8pm and I’m still 1000 cals short. What should I do?

Again, it depends. Either eat even though you’re not that hungry or adjust your diet to a less volume more caloric food. 

The same is applied to a cutting diet, is 8pm and I only have 200 calories left. What should I do? Again, adjust your diet towards your goals.


That’s why healthy diet and performance diets are very different things. Sometimes you have to eat just to hit your target calories and macros and sometimes you’ll have to cut food down just to keep yourself on track.


Remind yourself that diet contributes to around 70% of your body transformation, only 30% comes from resting and exercises. So give proper attention to your meal plan.


I know it’s a lot of terms and variables to understand. So to make your life easier look contact your nutrition coach to make your path through the “gainsz”simple.