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The Missing Link for Peak Performance || Junior Athlete Development Program

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There’s a common missing link that is stopping your kids from achieving their sporting success: and no — it’s not what you think.

As a coach for many junior athletes at GW Performance, it’s very common to hear from parents that for their son/daughter to show any improvement in their chosen sport,  they need to be playing multiple times per week to get better.

Unlike the U.S school and college system, here in Australia, it is not mandatory for school-aged kids to follow a structured strength & conditioning program to compete in sport.

What this means is, unless they’re enrolled in a program, or are part of a strength training facility, such as GW Performance, they do not get taught movement skills which will help to prevent injury and improve performance.

Skills such as landing, stopping, jumping, sprinting, changing direction, balance along with the fundamental movement patterns are all essential for success in sport — playing the game is not enough.

Below is a short video of some of the skills that can incorporated into a strength and conditioning program which will help keep your junior athlete on the playing field/court and dramatically improve their strength, reaction time and performance.

If you’re interested in training with the necessary strength & conditioning programming for peak performance, email me at