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Programming For Athletes

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Looking at this program, can you guess what sport this athlete plays?


Can you guess what training phase he or she is in?




The above picture is a 1-week snapshot of a power dominant training phase for one of our athletes who recently competed at Nationals in their sport. For any budding athlete or coach it is important to understand that a snapshot is just a taste of where an athlete currently is. No two athletes are the same – individualisation of programming is integral to optimising progress.


When programming for any individual there are numerous factors to be considered. At GW Performance our Strength & Conditioning coaches follow a needs analysis approach to developing customised programmes for every athlete. After initial assessment/screening we can establish an athlete’s baseline by testing various elements of fitness: strength, power, specific energy system elements, etc. From this point our programming enters a foundational phase focussing on correctives (both structural and movement competency) and bringing up major weaknesses. Some athletes simply need to learn how to train.


Once General Physical Preparedness (GPP) is established we start to shift towards specialisation. However we maintain that all athletes need to hit a minimum level of GPP across a vast range of different physical attributes, no matter their sport or goal. Our aim as coaches is to build resilient athletes who can perform well in a range of different tasks. Specialisation and individualisation is the end of result of diligent training across a lengthy timeframe.


The above program is the outcome of highly structured training for peak competition performance.


If you are serious about elevating your physical performance for sport, contact me


Train Hard

Coach Mike

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