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Push Press, Skills and Tips

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Here’s Coach Mitch with 3 exercises to help improve your mobility and develop positions for your push press.
These drills are designed to be completed as part of a dynamic warm up and/or during your skill development prior to working sets.
1.BB Lats on bench: A fantastic exercise for improving front rack mobility by lengthening the lats, triceps and forearms simultaneously.
2.Dip against wall: For those that struggle with their dip during a push press or jerk, this is a great drill to teach body position and awareness.
3.When going overhead, it’s important that you reach to the roof at the top of the movement to ensure the shoulders are active.
Along with this, squeezing the glutes at the top will maintain a neutral spine which will keep you safe as well as improving your lift. Give these drills a go next time you are warming up for an overhead press workout.