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Reflecting on The Open Season

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For most CrossFitters it is the time of year where many are left wondering “now what?”.

The CrossFit Open has been a test of your fitness, application to training and lifestyle. For some, CrossFit is their chosen sport. Apart from the top 1 percent, the season is over. However, most participants are not doing CrossFit with the goal of making it to the big stage in Carson Madison (see what I did there), or even to Regionals. We are doing CrossFit because we want to get fitter so that we can enjoy life OUTSIDE of the gym more. In case you didn’t know, the heart of CrossFit as a fitness program is achieving longevity and increasing your fitness across a variety of domains for the rest of your life.

So regardless of your goal, if your “season” is over it is time to reflect and then seek direction. The following 5 activities are a map for how you can go from thoughts to conception to action.

Reflect on your purpose: fitness for fun or performance?

More than ever I think it is important for GW CrossFit members to get clarity on CrossFit the Sport vs CrossFit the fitness program. To simplify it, here are two definitions to consider:

Competitor:  someone who is trying to win or do better than all others especially in business or sports: someone who is competing.

Health:  the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; especially freedom from physical disease or pain.

We love informal competition within our gym and we will always support members who are intrinsically motivated to take competition seriously and wish to train for higher levels of CrossFit as a sport. However, I encourage everyone to reflect on whether being a competitor is what is truly important to them or if health is the real priority. As coaches, we want to help you with your individual approach to fitness and ensure that your training, nutrition and lifestyle is aligned with your “why”.


Sit quietly

I wish to encourage all members to set aside time and unplug so that they can reflect effectively. Sitting alone may not be for everyone, so try going for a hike or long walk. Doing this by yourself, without your phone, can be life changing. It will allow you to be present and deload from the emotional and physical stress from The Open and life in general.


Communicate & plan for the future

Once you’ve collected your thoughts share them with your coach and others. Verbalising them leads to listening to yourself and greater awareness. With your coach, you can then plan for action. Having a written plan attached to your SMART goals and the accountability of a coach is the optimal way for you to ensure progress.


Have fun – learn and play with new sports

The final sentence in CrossFit creator Greg Glassman’s classic “fitness in 100 words” is so often ignored. The beauty of our constantly varied functional fitness program is that you are increasing your capacity across so many areas: stronger, more skilled, more coordinated and increased stamina. Get out of the gym and play with these capabilities. You’ll be surprised at how this can be a re-investment back into your training.