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The Process

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“How you do anything is how you do everything.

We all have goals in life. In the gym or out, you are setting goals. It could be work related or something as simple as telling yourself “I WILL fold my laundry today!”

We know that goals such as losing excess fat or achieving a promotion take baby steps, time, and hard work. So why do we sometimes assume that goals inside the gym will just happen or should come easily? Working towards your fitness related goals is a process. It will take time and dedication every day. So how do we go from now to fist pumping the air after reaching that goal? Here are a few steps you can follow to set yourself up to succeed!


  1. Decide the end result.
  2. Okay, now REALLY decide the end result: can you measure it, is it achievable, is it relevant, is there a time limit?
  3. Break down your goal into smaller steps. Where do you need to be this time next week, next month to help you achieve the goal?
  4. Set aside specific times each day to work on your goal.
  5. Hold yourself accountable!


At GW we are all about goal setting and achieving those goals in a smart and thought out way. Any program (from CF to exclusive) is set up by a coach with a specific end goal in mind. If you want a heavier snatch you don’t just throw the weight on and attempt it until one day you make it, you build up the weight over time while working on refining your movement and flexibility. Want that elusive ring muscle up? Cool – your coach probably has you on a strength program to build the correct technique and power needed to keep you safe even if you don’t actually do a muscle up. Often, it is hard to take the metaphorical step backwards that is needed to step carefully towards your goals.


Tell a friend who can help you check in and make sure you’re doing something everyday to get closer to the goal.  Speak to a coach to see if you are where you need to be, and write down your goal somewhere you look often so you will remember that IT TAKES WORK everyday. Trust “the process”.