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Junior Athletes & The Importance Of Strength and Conditioning

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Do you have a junior athlete in your family?

Focusing on strength & conditioning training is vital for the improvement of skill, strength building and prevention of sports injury — of any developing athlete.

Here at GW Performance, we are leading the way in Australia and providing the structure, safe environment and elite level coaching specifically tailored to junior athlete development.

Coach Adam is here to talk about youth athletes and share how a structured and progressive Strength and Conditioning program can benefit athletes of all levels.

In this video we go through a few common questions when beginning junior athlete strength development:

  • What is S&C and how can it be used for youth athletes?
  • What do training sessions involve?
  • How old should my child be before they start lifting weights?
  • What are the benefits of S&C for youth athletes?

If you know anyone who is looking to add strength and conditioning to their training and take their game to the next level then contact me at

Coach Adam
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GW Performance
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